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Solo Containment offer a fresh approach in the field of flexible film containment . Here in our web portal you will see innovative products and construction techniques that have been developed by our team to maximise containment performance and ensure reliable performance day in day out.

The Solo system is more than just hardware our engineers understand the importance of Regulatory Compliance and developing sound SOP’s for the long term safe operation of our containment systems. Whether you are searching for a bench top Lab scale containment – or a complex API powder processing isolator there are well executed and proven solutions here at Solo Containment

Unlike most flexible containment businesses our roots lie in hard shell isolation technology. So at Solo we have migrated the proven design parameters of rigid stainless steel isolator systems into our flexible film isolators, providing you with unrivalled containment performance without the high cost and long lead times associated with traditional hard shell containment solutions. Solo’s flexible film isolation systems eliminate the need for cleaning validation reducing the operating costs of our flexible technology still further.

With 100’s of systems operating around the world it is no surprise that Solo’s engineering team have a reputation for “Right First Time” solutions. - Trust Solo Containment!

soloLAB - Cost effective bench mounted flexible containment isolator. Rapid set – up less than 5 minutes typically. Click the button below to learn more...

soloLab Bench Top Isolators

soloFLEX is available with a wide range of options – please call your local distributor of the Solo office to discuss.

soloFLEX Bench Top Isolators

soloPLUS delivers outstanding containment performance that reliably delivers the low ng/M3 containment performance you need...

SoloPLUS API Processing Isolators

Low Oxygen / Low Humidity. Solo Containment offer a wide range of inert Gas Work Enclosures foe anerobic R/H% sensitive Applications...

Inert Gas Isolators

Delivering Success: The Solo Containment Design & Development Service “DDS”

Every year the Solo team run several DDS projects: These are detailed engineering studies that brings our clients solutions to complex process and ergonomic containment applications.

With DDS our engineers will carry out a site evaluation of you your process, operational and regulatory requirements to generate a highly individual concept solution.

After sign off of the concept solution we will again visit your facility to set up a full scale mock-up for operator evaluation to assure that reach, lift and contaminated enclosure disposal are all satisfactory before the design is taken to manufacture.

The Customer benefits of Solo’s DDS are:

Solo are represented in the following territories:
  • USA ( New England / Carolina’s/Mid-West / California / Oregon
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Switzerland
  • India
  • China
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Netherlandsn
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • France
  • Taiwan
  • Korea

For more information, please call +44(0)161 358 2233 or click here to email us

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