Solo Containment - FAQ's
What are the advantages of Flexible Containment over conventional systems?
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Reduced delivery timings
  • Elimination of cleaning procedures, cleaning validation
Will a flexible containment system deliver the same containment standards?

Yes. Providing a flexible containment system is operated in accordance with the developed SOP’s the performance will equal a hard shell isolator.

What are the ergonomic advantages of a flexible film containment system?

Because of the flexibility of the containment envelope the soloPLUS is extremely user friendly.

What is the operating life cycle of a flexible film containment system?

Some flexible film containment systems can operate for several years. Often in laboratory applications where batch to batch cross contamination is not an issue, although flexible containment systems are designed for short life cycle – manufacture batch specific operations. At Solo Containment longevity is part of our build specification.

How do the costs of ownership compere between flexible and hard shell?

A typical “glove bag” flexible containment system represents a low percentage of the cost of a hard shell isolator.

Can my flexible containment system be changed after installation if my process changes?

Yes. One of the great advantages of flexible film containment technology is that new enclosures can be supplied to suit changing process needs with reasonable price variation

Can flexible film containment dissipate static charge?

At Solo all of our films for powder contact are FDA compliant – permanent anti static grade. Test samples can be provided.

Can flexible containment systems handle solvent contact?

For solvent applications we provide compatibility samples. Typical designs for solvent saturated solids use high air change rates and solvent splash guards.

Can Flexible film containment systems operate at negative pressure for added safety?

Solo offer a wide range of designs that are capable of operating at Negative pressure. Our project team will help select the correct exhaust fan, and filtration system for your application.

What glove choices are available with flexible film containment systems?

A wide range of gloves and sleeves are available from chemically impervious materials, cytotoxic grade or low cost nitrile.

Can Flexible film containment systems operate at negative pressure for added safety?

Yes Solo Containment isolators operate with a negative pressure airflow to ensure that in the event of glove or isolator panel damage air flows into the isolator and prevents API aerosol escape.

Understanding OEBs:
Ambient pressure glove bags

When supplied with P3 Breather filters are usually limited to OEB 2 or 3 compound

Negative pressure isolators on a support frame

When used with our H14 HEPA system are graded for OEB 4 Compound

Negative pressure flex isolators

With “Push-Push” change double HEPA filter exhaust and multiple stage contamination free material exit ports are graded for OEB5 comp

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