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It was about more than just soloADC at #WorldADC London

This morning, the team are back in the office and debriefing following #WorldADC. The quality of presentations and opportunities for networking were excellent.


Solo had a very warm reception, with lots of interest in our advanced single-use flexible isolators. Delegates from the USA, Far East and Europe were impressed as we put our soloADC isolator through its safety functions. And with ADC toxins typically having an exposure limit below 10ng/M3, safety is paramount.

However, continually heard several themes that made our all isolators stand out from the crowd, not just the soloADC:

  • Containment Performance: Solo have test data from many differing OEB5 isolator systems that prove we can deliver sub 10ng/M3 (task-specific) containment performance.
  • Operator Safety:  Our HPAPI isolators have a fully automated pressure decay test function to assure operators the entire system is contained before operations start.
  • Ease of use: Our isolators are fitted with gas-tight connections for hoses, gas lines and power cables. No reliance on operators taping utility sleeves.
  • Safe Disposal: Delivering a true high potency containment solution means that management of contaminated enclosure disposal is critical. This is the single operation that poses the greatest risk of hazardous particle escape. Solo’s fan collapse system that takes care of this for you.

It’s been a very successful event for Solo and we are keen to work with our new contacts. The presentations were of excellent quality and we’re really pleased with how well received the soloADC isolator was. The ADC market is key for Solo at the moment as we can demonstrate our knowledge in containment handling of highly potent ingredients.
Martyn Ryder, Director

With a Solo flexible isolator of any specification, you are getting a product built on years of experience in both hard shell and flexible containment. That’s why we are the go-to people if you want a Right-First-Time flexible containment solution at any stage of drug development. See our full range here:

Whether you were at the event, or if you missed out, we would love to hear from you if you want to discuss the handling of HPAPIs at any stage of clinical development. Get in touch.

It pays to put your trust in the market leaders in the flexible film isolation. Trust Solo.



    A universal set of containment isolators for low level applications. Designed for flexibility of use.


    Pop up bubble isolator for speed and flexibility


    Universal processing isolator for any laboratory setting


    Designed for use in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, these isolators have been engineered to cover a range of applications.


    The versatile pharmaceutical partner


    Specialised containment for toxin-linker compounding


    Solo’s aseptic isolators are designed for batch fill finish type applications where complete sterility is required.


    We can either offer modifications to the core product range or a full bespoke design process.

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