Ultimate operator safety

Automatic pressure decay testing (APD) is a fundamental part of ensuring operator safety during pharmaceutical manufacturing.

To achieve excellent containment results, the safety of the operator needs to be at the forefront of the design engineering process. We believe it’s our attention to detail that gives us the best containment performance results. One of these factors is our Automatic Pressure Decay test system. 

Read our latest presentation to see how we address these safety concerns and protect your operators. 

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        A universal set of containment isolators for low level applications. Designed for flexibility of use.


        Pop up bubble isolator for speed and flexibility


        Universal processing isolator for any laboratory setting


        Designed for use in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, these isolators have been engineered to cover a range of applications.


        The versatile pharmaceutical partner


        Specialised containment for toxin-linker compounding


        Solo’s aseptic isolators are designed for batch fill finish type applications where complete sterility is required.


        We can either offer modifications to the core product range or a full bespoke design process.

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