packingContainment: Blister Line and Bottle Filling Isolators:

Solo have tried and tested solutions for all of your Pharmaceutical packaging needs: At Solo we manufacture filling line containment systems in both flexible film – and precision Acrylic. So what ever your application is you can be assured that with our expertise Solo Containment will deliver a “On Target“ Containment solution to meet your packing operations

Effective containment by the Solo system traps API particulate at source and eliminates packing hall contamination

Solo Lead in sub µg / M³ Potent Compound Containment

  • Solo’s packing line containment systems are full of innovative thinking:
  • Full process visibility with clear acrylic isolation systems
  • Flexible film containment enclosures to eliminate cleaning validation
  • Contained tablet loading with RTP or CSV systems
  • Negative pressure airflow with safe change multi stage HEPA filtration
  • Multi chamber systems where needed with pressure cascade
  • Gas strut actuated access doors
  • Light curtain or safety interlocks on doors where needed
  • PLC control packages
  • Fully custom design, installation and validation package
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