Specialised containment for toxin-linker compounding

ADCs are the star of the oncology world. But the high potency nature of them needs serious containment. Through extensive research and development, Solo Containment has designed the highest performing containment isolator unit with proven exceptional containment results. 

By bringing this product to the containment market, Solo has raised the standard of flexible film containment. This isolator is capable of below 1.0ng performance. To do this, soloADC isolators have multiple features unique to flexible film enclosures reducing risk of egress, batch-to-batch contamination and operator safety compromise. With many considerations when handling such a valuable and potent substance, the soloADC can be relied upon for containment, product protection and operator safety. 

Ensure your ADC manufacturing facility is agile, responsive and increase your bottom line by introducing the Solo single-use isolator without compromise. The soloADC is a very specialised containment isolator designed with extensive research, solely for ADC manufacturing. 


  • ADC toxin linker compounding
  • All potentially contaminated parts are disposable. Zero cleaning
  • Swift turnaround time between batches and campaigns
  • Flexibility to handle various products and respond to changing customer demands
  • Significantly lower cost than hardshell isolators
  • Lifetime costs can be offset against reduction in cleaning and validation
  • Fully single-use system as most peripherals are also disposable
  • Automatic pressure decay testing on the assembled enclosure
  • EPDM solvent resistant base tray
  • Negative pressure for added safety
  • Heat sealed continuous liner for waste removal
  • Secure hose line connection out of the enclosure
  • Fully disposable film enclosure
  • Adjustable height features for improved ergonomics
  • Various size options
  • Magnetic stirrer shelf

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    Specialised containment for toxin-linker compounding


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