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Solo have been developing a Containment Score system over the past two years with a view to moving forward from the ubiquitous “Pyramid Chart” so loved in the containment industry. The Solo system will be specific to flexible film containment technology.

Whilst developing our system we took heed of the fact that no algorithm or selection guide can be 100% correct for every given application. More simply our goal is to be able to match the CPT required with the product transfer mass, tendency of the material to become airborne and the extent of the task activities.

Our system has compared our actual containment test data gathered over many HP API projects so we have a benchmark of what can be attained with correct SOP’s. The Solo system will apply a score to the product and exposure potential factors on one side of the algorithm and this will be balanced by the extent of containment technology:

For example, a single chamber bubble isolator like our popular soloLAB can never be considered as suitable for High Potency API handling. The actions of product entry and exit without an airlock or a continuous liner system mean that such a simple isolator is suited to low potency materials typically OEB 3 or providing a local inert gas environment.

Any API material with and CPT between 10 and 1.0µg/M³ will need the added containment performance of a negative pressure airflow isolator with a dedicated loading airlock and effective continuous liner system. Talking of continuous liners in the 10 to 1.0µg/M³ CPT Solo offer a 35micron HDPE liner cassette with either 40 or 80M length. This film whilst thin is tough but strong and crimps very tightly to minimise particle migration after crimping and cutting.

More simply our goal is to be able to match the CPT required with the product transfer mass, tendency of the material to become airborne and the extent of the task activities.
Martyn Ryder, Managing Director

Where the CPT is below 1.0µg/M³ Solo offer a heat sealable continuous liner that is capable of meeting a 10ng/M³ CPT.

When it comes to understanding HP API containment Solo have the expertise to deliver a right first time solution by getting the correct containment technology into the isolator you rely on for operator safety, including automatic pressure decay testing, fully disposable multi stage HEPA filtration and more….

We take pride in using our extensive containment experience to get you the right isolator for your application every time.

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