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It was about more than just soloADC at #WorldADC London

This morning, the team are back in the office and debriefing following #WorldADC. The quality of presentations and opportunities for networking were excellent.

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Negative or Positive Pressure?!

Is there really a difference?

Yes, there is a difference. A massive difference. And let us explain why.

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Single-use, flexible containment – another view

Over on LinkedIn, Solo’s Director Martyn Ryder has written an article about single-use, flexible containment systems.

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Ten factors why Solo customers return

Once you’ve bought a solo flexible film isolator, you’ll find areas you never even thought of using an isolator before. Here are ten reasons why our customers return to us, time and time again.

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    A universal set of containment isolators for low level applications. Designed for flexibility of use.


    Pop up bubble isolator for speed and flexibility


    Universal processing isolator for any laboratory setting


    Designed for use in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, these isolators have been engineered to cover a range of applications.


    The versatile pharmaceutical partner


    Specialised containment for toxin-linker compounding


    Solo’s aseptic isolators are designed for batch fill finish type applications where complete sterility is required.


    We can either offer modifications to the core product range or a full bespoke design process.

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