Aseptic processing in a fully disposable, single-use isolator

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Another exciting single use aseptic isolator product from the team at ILC Dover and Solo

The soloASEPTIC system has been designed to accommodate a variety of aseptic processes in a single-use disposable isolator. Allowing for flexibility in your facility this system works around y our needs.

The bespoke system is designed for each application and based on a set of well researched and developed engineering principles. Suitable for handling any aseptic process, either fill and finish, interfacing existing machinery or transfer processing.

Whilst this forms part of the soloASEPTIC range, to ensure you receive the right isolator for your facility, each product is purchased through our custom design process.



  • Transfer of sterilised products and equipment
  • Vial preparation
  • VHP sterilisation
  • Can be designed to interface with existing machinery, such as a lyophiliser
  • Single use, flexible enclosure
  • Instant installation
  • Unidirectional airflow to meet cGMP standards
  • Rapid change over time
  • No contamination of non-disposable parts
  • Gamma irradiated enclosures
  • H14 air inlet and air exit filters
  • Gas-tight zip access
  • Heat sealable continuous liner
  • Uni-directional airflow

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