soloFLEX Laboratory Isolators
Key Features:

soloFLEX is your versatile bench top isolator solution and is available in 2 glove, 3 glove and 4 glove sizes.

Operating with Solo’s negative pressure containment system the containment performance is superior to ambient operation flexible isolators and the Solo system allows for complete disposal of the contaminated enclosure with no contamination egress.

soloFLEX is available with a wide range of options – please call your local distributor of the Solo office to discuss.

The bench top flexible isolator that’s got everything you need:
  • Push-Through safe change glove system
  • “Stay Seal” H14 HEPA filter system. Filters changed with flexible enclosure
  • Generous 900mm work height
  • 25mm Dia. Formed Stainless Steel support frame – for easy cleaning and rapid deployment
  • Single work chamber or loading airlock options
  • Integrated 300mm Dia. x 40M ESD Single Use Contaminated item bag out system
  • Gas tight zipper door airlocks
  • Integrated breather filter for contained envelope collapse
  • Optional multi stage HEPA exhaust filter system with pressure indicator
A range of sizes, arrangements and accessories including:
  • Equipment positioning “Set-up” zip on front face
  • Inert gas operation kit
  • Two stage HEPA exhaust
  • Variable speed exhaust fan
  • Continuous Liner & Crimping kit
  • Push-Push safe change glove system
  • Work trays
  • Granite ballast block for analytical balance

For more information, please call +44(0)161 358 2233 or click here to email us

soloFLEX s built in 3 sizes: 2 glove port – 953 mm wide 3 glove port 1453mm wide and 4 glove port 1953mm wide:

SoloFLEX Size Air Lock Width Main Chamber width Main Chamber height Main Chamber depth
2 Glove 500mm 953mm 900mm 700mm
3 Glove 500mm 1453mm 900mm 700mm
4 Glove 500mm 1953mm 900mm 700mm
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