soloLAB Cost effective bench mounted flexible containment isolator

soloLAB is your instant deployment bench top isolation solution: The soloLAB is shipped fully assembled and simply folds out to create a compact yet gas tight working environment that is ideal for small scale powder handling , instrument enclosures or inert gas operation.

The soloLAB is fully welded from tough 500 micron flexible PVC film for high optical clarity and maximum durability. A large gas tight zipper forms the entry / exit door for easy placement or equipment or materials into the contained space. After operation a simple clean down SOP permits safe recovery of materials for your next process stage.

Interface of electronic scales or powered equipment is facilitated by a 50mm Dia. Utility sleeve located at low level. Solo Containment have a detailed SOP for passing cables and or gas lines through the utility sleeve and sealing these off to ensure containment of gasses or dusts are not compromised.

Where an inert gas saturated environment is needed the P3 breather filter located in the top of the soloLAB permits gas venting with no particle migration. The P3 venting filter is equipped with a seal sleeve allowing the soloLAB to be pressurised with inert gas when the required saturation level is attained.

Optional equipment for the soloLAB is limited to the ESD Dura-Mat base sheet to protect the PVC base panel and gloves ranging from size 6.5 to 9.5 XL to suit the hand size of the operating staff.

The soloLAB isolator is ideal for these applications:

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SoloLAB Construction Specification

PVC flexible film Isolator with Crystal front viewing panel for maximum visibility complete with the following standard features:

The soloLAB isolator can be cleaned with 70% IPA lint free wipes but is not suitable for contact with organic or volatile solvents. Please seek assurances from your in house SHE professional before introducing hazardous or flammable materials into the soloLAB isolation chamber.

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